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#038: Cian O'Callaghan, Local Councillor for the Social Democrats

Jun 25, 201983 minutes

In this episode we deep dive into some of the issues facing Ireland such as the housing crisis and the absolute state of the healthcare system. We do with the aid of Councillor Cian O'Callaghan, hot off his recent first count election to local council

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#037: Clare Daly TD, candidate for European Elections

May 17, 201951 minutes

We speak with TD and European Election candidate Clare Daly

#036: Owen Colgan from Hardy Bucks

May 3, 201982 minutes

We speak with comedian Owen Colgan

#035: Aidan McKelvey, producer on Newstalk's Futureproof

Mar 17, 2019129 minutes

We speak with the producer of Newstalk's Futureproof

#034: Joe McGucken, Stand-Up Comedian

Jan 19, 201982 minutes

Joe from the Windup Merchantz comes back for round 2

#033: The Return of Ken Walsh

Jan 1, 201979 minutes

We talk again with one of our most popular guests

#032: David Norris, Senator

Nov 25, 201846 minutes

We speak to Senator David Norris

#031: Hugh Cooney, Artist

Nov 20, 201864 minutes

Hugh Cooney created the classic "Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize"

#030: Craig Moran, Stand-Up Comedian

Nov 11, 201886 minutes

We speak to the creator of Red Sauce Productions for the second time

#029: Des Hickey, from Punch Face Champions and Not Monsters

Oct 14, 201865 minutes

We speak with the best bassist in Dublin, Des Hickey

#028: Stephen Ryan, Stunt Man

Sep 9, 201898 minutes

We speak with stunt man, Stephen Ryan

#027: Theory, Hypothesis

Aug 22, 2018108 minutes

We speak with Theory

#026: Simo Maples, from Episode 3

Aug 2, 201868 minutes

We have a laugh with Simo Maples

#025: Glenn & Al, from Fellow Passengers Podcast

Jul 15, 201894 minutes

We speak to each other

#024: Cian & Sarah from the Selected Podcast

Jun 17, 2018110 minutes

We speak with the hosts of the Selected Podcast

#023: Joe Rooney, Comedian, Actor, Writer and Podcaster

Jun 3, 201892 minutes

We speak with Father Damo himself

Who Will Win the Abortion Referendum?? Independent Final Opinion Poll Analysis

May 21, 201849 minutes

We take a look at the final opinion polls for the abortion referendum

#022: Tony Cantwell & Marc Jago, from the Sexy Beasts Podcast

May 20, 201898 minutes

We speak to the hosts of the Sexy Beasts Podcast

#021: Mike Scala, Singer/Songwriter

May 6, 201888 minutes

We speak with American singer/songwriter

#020: Sarah Gorry, activist

Apr 22, 2018103 minutes

We speak to lone parents activist, Sarah Gorry

#019: Sarah Griffin, writer

Apr 8, 201875 minutes

We speak with writer, Sarah Griffin

#018: Finbar Dwyer from The Irish History Podcast

Mar 25, 201875 minutes

We speak with the driving force behind one of Ireland's biggest podcasts

A Brief Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Mar 14, 20183 minutes

The Briefest History of Time

#017: Joe Mcgucken from The Windup Merchantz

Mar 12, 2018103 minutes

We speak with comedian Joseph Mcgucken

#016: Jason Collins, Radio presenter with LMFM

Feb 25, 201880 minutes

We speak with Radio Presenter Jason Collins

#015: Gerry McBride, stand-up comedian and writer for Waterford Whispers News

Feb 19, 201892 minutes

We speak with stand-up comedian and satirical writer Gerry McBride

#014: Sean Earley, Digital Creative Director

Feb 11, 2018116 minutes

We speak with associate digital director, Sean Earley

#013: Gavin White, Journalist

Feb 4, 201877 minutes

We speak with journalist Gavin White

#012: Jen Hatton from Jen Hatton Sketches

Jan 28, 2018102 minutes

We speak with sketch writer and actor, Jen Hatton

#011: Dr. Rob Gilanders, Assistant Professor of Economics in Dublin City University

Jan 21, 2018109 minutes

We speak with a Doctor of Economics

#010: Benji, Entrepreneur and creator of 'Fetch'

Jan 14, 2018126 minutes

We speak with entrepreneur Benji

#009: Willie White, Stand-Up Comedian

Jan 7, 2018135 minutes

We speak to Irish comedian Willie White

#008: Phillip Boyle from Coalition Brewing (and Christmas Party)

Dec 31, 2017101 minutes

We speak with Philly Boyle and have a little party on the side

#007: Ken Walsh, Berlin Tour Guide

Dec 24, 201799 minutes

We speak with Ken Walsh

#006: Christopher Barker from Displace Studios

Dec 17, 201760 minutes

We speak to one of the producers of the show

#005: John Connors & God Creative

Dec 10, 201783 minutes

We speak with John Connors & God Creative

#004: Mattress Mick, Irish Legend

Dec 3, 201780 minutes

We speak to the man behind the mattress

#003: Simon Maples, Muay Thai boxer and Photo Bomber

Nov 26, 201765 minutes

Muay Thai boxer and photo bomber

#002: Tony Cantwell, from Tony Cantwell Comedy

Nov 19, 201772 minutes

We speak to the creator of Tony Cantwell Comedy

#001: Craig Moran, creator of Red Sauce Productions

Nov 12, 201751 minutes

We speak to the creator of Red Sauce Productions

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