#018: Finbar Dwyer from The Irish History Podcast

Mar 25, 201875 minutes

We speak with the driving force behind one of Ireland's biggest podcasts

A Brief Tribute to Stephen Hawking

Mar 14, 20183 minutes

The Briefest History of Time

#017: Joe Mcgucken from The Windup Merchantz

Mar 12, 2018103 minutes

We speak with comedian Joseph Mcgucken

#016: Jason Collins, Radio presenter with LMFM

Feb 25, 201880 minutes

We speak with Radio Presenter Jason Collins

#015: Gerry McBride, stand-up comedian and writer for Waterford Whispers News

Feb 19, 201892 minutes

We speak with stand-up comedian and satirical writer Gerry McBride

#014: Sean Earley, Digital Creative Director

Feb 11, 2018116 minutes

We speak with associate digital director, Sean Earley

#013: Gavin White, Journalist

Feb 4, 201877 minutes

We speak with journalist Gavin White

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